Sunday, November 26, 2006

GingerBread Party 2006, Part 2

Lisa, Jeremy, and Holly were next to arrive.

Lisa brought cookies to decorate, but ended up knitting the whole time. Oooooh - is she hooked or what?

Jeremy needs serious therapy. His "house" was more of a crime scene diorama. Blood, guts, and mayhem. I am so proud.

He also decorated a cookie for Jess, and we found a perfect backdrop for it.

Holly went with a Hurricane Katrina theme - the house pretty much looked like a levee broke allllll over it. She added POLICE to the roof as a finishing touch.


YogaGardenGirl said...

These were the most creative houses of the day, I think. Tim's STILL talking about Jeremy's stove and dead gingerbread men! Love that scarf that Lisa's working on...she's sooo addicted...he he he....

daSilvabullet said...

my miranda has a great rack, huh?