Thursday, February 22, 2007

Guess what I FINISHED!!!!! (Merry Thankmas Spoiler, Jess!!)

Yes, I have SPA pics and want to talk about this past fantastic weekend, but FIRST. I finally finished that SMUCKING Cheetos sweater from H - E - double hockey sticks. I think it's gorgeous - soft, slightly shimmery, OK - maybe not perfect, but I think it will fit her. Took the bag o'parts with me to SPA, and told myself I wasn't coming home till it was done. After all, Jess is finally getting her arse home next week, and I promised her she would have her Bolero when she got back.

Since Jess missed so many holidays while in Brazil, we are going to get together soon to catch up - calling the day Thankmas. Cuz HallothankmasNewSuperBowlPrezzyMLK Day was just too long. And who makes greeting cards for that.

So Jess, if you are reading this, pretend you didn't when you unwrap it. Pretend you love it, even if it is a bit lumpy in places. Pretend you will never take it off, even if my finishing skills are less than speck-takkaler.

Cause with every dropped stitch, every frog session, every curse I threw at it, every ARM HOLE I SEWED UP WITHOUT THE SLEEVE IN IT, it still came out kinda cool.

Didn't it? Can't wait to see how the color looks against Jess' tanned just-back-from-Carnival skin. Should be GO-JUSS.

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