Monday, April 30, 2007

Nothing that Takes a D Battery???

WARNING: This post may contain some material only suitable for adults with a sense of humor. If you are not an adult, or you are easily offended, move on, please.

The Lovely Gina invited us all over this past Saturday for an afternoon of knitting - but to kick off the day, she had a naughty toys party. I have to be careful about the pics I post here, but rest assured that there are more lascivious shots just waiting for any one of the guests or Gina to run for President. BOY could I rake in some blackmail green.

Between the drinkin',

and the eatin'

and the fondlin',

we actually did get some knittin' done.

But before that, we got to play with TOYS. This is probably the safest picture - but even this little bugger is well, let's say, really FRIENDLY. I'm looking forward to making friends with it myself - it's going to be here this week. You know, for my sore neck. I type all day. It's a thing.

What Happens in ManchVegas, Stays in ManchVegas.

To finish this one off, here is a great shot of our soon to be married knitbuds. Let's hope they never stop finding each other really amusing.


Jackie said...

Those pictures are awesome! Too bad you couldn't post some of the (ahem) others. Too too funny.

Sonya said...

What pray tell should I have been offended by? I've seen yarn fondled before.

LMardenNH said...

Hi Sonya - welcome to my blog! How cool is it to have someone a thousand+ miles away read your stuff?!?!?

I checked out your blogs - I guess Lora is our common thread? Will add you to my blogs list. It was a very flattering thing to see my blog listed on yours!

LMardenNH said...

As for the lack of offense, yeah, this is very tame. I edited it several times. I have pictures that would make you howl - including a few of Lora holding much more adventurous toys. Just don't want to chase anyone away, like I have been known to do with my big mouth in public.

Lora said...

OH What fun!! I don't look THAT evil. haha
Oh and that picture of Ericka and Chris... AWESOME!!

Sonya said...

Yes, my Lora (I have to lay claim I knew her first) is how I found scrappin and knittin.
I can just imagine what Lora was doing in the pics. :)

SleepyEyes said...

WOW!!!! Excellent pictures! I love the ones of Chris and Ericka, too. Can you send them to me?

What a great day that was....I have so many pictures I want to blog, but I just can't. Maybe I have to figure out a way to do it creatively.

And, since I won't be running for President...unless they start off by giving you a whole yarn store at your can just send that "blackmail" picture to me...pronto! LOL!

Amanda1 said...

I'm sorry I missed the gathering... looks like you all had fun fun fun!