Thursday, May 31, 2007

Gina Guessed!

Isn't it adorable? Sorry Ericka - you won't be getting this yarn. (She thought if I frogged the sock one more flipping time I would pitch the yarn to get rid of the bad juju...)
It isn't quite perfect, besides not being quite done. I have to have someone show me how to graft the toesies.
Also, on the decreases after picking up all the stitches, I only realized about halfway through the decreases that I should have been knitting a round plain between each decrease row. But, I pressed on. I'm framing this sucker anyway. It's going on my wall, so who cares if it wouldn't fit anyone!
The yarn is superwash merino, hand painted by the voluptuous Gina herself.
The pattern is from the Yarn Harlot, her plain vanilla sock recipe. You can get this pattern at the Knitty Gritty website.


SleepyEyes said...

F*ckin' Awesome!!!! Wow, never thought you'd stop frogging long enough to finish it! I'm very, very happy and proud of you!!! Can't wait to see them ON!!!

Gigi said...

Congratulations on the almost finished sock! You've proved you can actually FINISH one! Huzzah!