Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Vacation 2007 - Weirs Beach PART THREE

Eating and Shopping and Knitting - Oh My! (Or, What I Did on My Spring Vacation)

What a freakin bargain! Donna, don't hate me! Went to Patternworks first thing last Monday, and they had KOIGU in the sale bin! HALF OFF!! I grabbed all of it. Starting my Koigu stash - will never hit Donna's 200+ stashyness, but I am on my way.

My favorite place to shop at while up at the Lake is the Long View Country Store on Rte. 3, Meredith. The place is full to the rafters with yummies, games, consignment antiques, retro repros and just plain fun stuff. They even have a sour pickle barrel. Every time we visit there is something new, and the owner is very sweet. Check it out - don't just drive by.

This time, I got some Stonewall Kitchen Blueberry Syrup and some blueberry pancake mix, a few pickles, a fighting froggie pen for Gina, some Kettle Korn, a surprise for Chet and Anita's campsite (can't tell you until we give it to them..), and a surprise for my sister (can't tell you that either).

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SleepyEyes said...

I LOVED that Long View Country Store! Must go back there!

And the Koigu...wow! You've given Donna a scare, I think. Love that purple one and the very bright colored one. Wow!