Wednesday, July 04, 2007

So Little Time, So Much to Blog PART ONE

My bad. Between house sitting, total lack of ambition, and assorted other excuses it has been too long since the last post.

So much to catch up on.

So let's go back to early May - I have several installments about our vacation up at Weirs, but nothing much about our trip to the 2007 NH Sheep and Wool.

What a fantastic day, huh? Perfect weather. No rain - after the past several years of rain, including the Mother's Day floods last year. But this year, warm and sunny.

Of course, ManchVegas Knitters showed up en masse, including Gigi, Gina and Jackie doing their best Charlie's Angels imitation. Alpaca bandits, beware! And Chris and Ericka, Heather, Lora, Vicki, Melissa, and Spunky Eclectic (an honorary MVK, I spose) joined us for lunch (and to compare treasures).

I didn't have any purchasing goals - wandered through all the vendor displays and drooled. Mark was fascinated by the ancient drop spindles and insisted on buying me one. We picked an interesting one from Peru, and some Icelandic sheep's wool to spin. I warned him - I was perfectly happy NOT picking up yet another craft - was perfectly happy to buy yarn all nice and neatly wrapped in an informative paper band. Had no desire to learn to spin. But if he was going to enable, he better be prepared for the day to come when a real spinning wheel comes into the house. You know it's going to happen...

So someday, I'll have a monster spinning wheel, and spin my own wool sheared from a sheep living in my backyard, and then weave the yarn into something on my loom. No, before you ask, the Kromski hasn't come out of the box yet. Shut up.

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SleepyEyes said...

Okay....horrible pics of me, but GREAT pics of the Sheep and Wool. Wasn't it fantastic??