Thursday, September 27, 2007

Berfday Goodies, Part I

Yeah, I'm a little late. Shaddup. I lost my camera cable for awhile.

Anyway, yes, my birthday was last week. Yippee. Despite my pleas not to make a big deal of it, the babes in my knitting group showered me with narn-y wuvliness. I am truly blessed. And Lora actually made me a bag! I find it hard to believe sometimes, the generosity of spirit that is in this group. Can't believe she found the time to make something for me while juggling kids, a husband (wait - is that redundant?), dogs, a household.
But lookee what I got!!
Socks that Rock, Noro, and narn from Spunky! And a BOOBIE BAG!! And check out the googly eyes on the gift box. Abby demo'd the box, but I saved the eyes - they might come in handy someday! Gina found these gift boxes at Hallmark - go and get yours before she buys them all!!
And I must add, just so that you can have a giggle at my expense, that my AARP card came in the mail. No, I am NOT 50, but my husband just turned 50 and he joined. Now I can get the 5% discount for the 4:00 dinner seating at the Cracker Barrel so I can get to bed by 6:00. Life is a chair of bowlies!


SleepyEyes said...

So glad you liked the birfday stuff! And I just loved that box. It was SO you!

Sonya said...

Great birthday goodies.
Love that bag.

Lora said...

it was fun celebrating your burfday booby style!! ;) Glad it was a good'un... aarp.. :giggle: