Thursday, September 27, 2007

Doesn't She Have a Lervely Pair?

I know, I know, Gina - your beloved didn't like the joke, but that's all it was, Mark didn't mean anything by it, and your husband needs to understand that he has a beautiful, sexy wife who is appreciated by everyone she knows. So there. I am posting this. He can deal.

My husband is very proud of his wordplay. Not always fun when I am trying to have a conversation with him and he is searching for the next pun. But sometimes he can be very sweet and silly. We were knitting at Yarn and Fiber two Fridays back, and he stopped in on the way home. Gina and I were sitting at the table, and he marched right up and said to Gina, "You have a lovely pair." And handed her a pear he picked up from the farm stand on the way over. The guy must have been cooking this up for five miles. It's amazing how easily he entertains himself! But it was cute and funny - Gina got a good giggle, and a delicious pear!

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SleepyEyes said...

Okay, L, PLEASE tell me why I have my eyes closed. AND, also, tell me why you are always putting the WACKIEST pics of me on your blog?? (will there be one of me on the toilet next?)

But, Mark, I did love your gesture...and the yummy pair. I really appreciate compliments in the form of cleverness and juicy goodness. (hmmmm..that sounded a BIT strange.....)