Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Go - in' to the Chap - el......

Early Saturday, Mark and I headed up to Harpswell, ME for Ericka and Chris' wedding. The weather was cold and rainy - didn't bode well for the ceremony, but by the time we got there, the sun was coming out, and it had warmed up a bit.

The church was small, simple, no pretense - perfect. Chris and Ericka were so twitterpatedly cute I couldn't catch my breath - she looked stunning in her red and white gown. And Chris cleaned up right nice! Donna was BEE-yootiful in her beige beaded gown. Hell, everyone was gorgeous.
The reception was at a community center in Cundy's Harbor. Yummy food, good tunes, great WHOOPIE PIE CAKE!!! Cute favors - the rubber duckies were adorable, and offered much amusement during the reception. I think Lora drowned hers. Others were caught on film performing lascivious acts.

We took Monday off, so we could take our time getting home after staying overnight at the Fairfield (Marriott) in Brunswick. Sunday night, we had dinner at the Sea Dog Brewery. Nice place, excellent crabcakes.

Before heading south, I made Mark take me to Halcyon Yarn in Bath. SO GLAD we went. We finally got there after depending far too much on the GPS - we call her Sally, and she is demented. But we got there just as they opened Monday morning. They still have lots of stash bags left from their Open House sale, so I picked up two, plus a cone of cotton for the warp for my loom. No, it's not out of the box yet, but the time is coming. SOON.

Gotta go back there when there is more time. Bath seems like a cool place to wander.


Sonya said...

I saw some of that ducky nonsense. Be ya'll really quacked up..hehe

SleepyEyes said...

I'm thrilled (and shocked) that you'll be pullling out your weaving loom. It's about DAMN time, woman!

Great pics from the wedding, but where are Chris and Ericka?

And, where are the pics of you and Mark dancing and doing the grind?? LOL!

Lora said...

It was a fun day!