Monday, December 31, 2007

Christmas with the daSilvas

Went to West Townsend Christmas day for breakfast and to spend part of the day with my BFF and the family. Laughed a lot, drank mimosas, ate a lot, made a mess opening presents.

Lisa always does a great tree, but this year, only the top half of the tree is faboo - Bella decided she was going to sample all the ornaments she could reach. And whatever she didn't destroy, no doubt Dexter's baseball bat tail did the rest. (He damaged his tail very badly several months ago, and the only way it has been healing is to wrap in in bandages then duct tape he can't chew off. It's a look. And getting whacked with that tail makes a LASTING impression.

Jess was in from Providence, and Jeremy came home from school (he goes to WyoTech in Blairsville, PA) so I got to (try to) spoil them rotten. And they returned the favor. Jess made me a beautiful watercolor of a knitter - I assume it's me, in a frame, and Jeremy found a gnome statue that looks like Mark mooning. The picture is going on the wall in the living room, and I have to find a suitable place of honor for this gnome. It is freaking adorable!


SleepyEyes said...

Love that Ass pic!

Sonya said...

The watercolor is beautiful!
Can't say the same for the gnome