Sunday, January 27, 2008

Getting Ready for Febba-werry

There are some righteous events next month. February is an awesome month for getways because everyone is looking for something fun to break up the monotony of wintah. Have you had enough of this white crap too? Can you say hal-ay-loo-yeah?

But no complaints. Next Friday night and all day Saturday, I am going to a scrapbooking event held by my buddy Melissa, and Lisa d. will be joining me.

And SPA 2008 is coming soon - Thursday to Sunday, the last weekend of the month, with HUNDREDs of knittahs, spinnahs, crochetahs - all working their magic in every open space in all the hotels and bed and breakfest-s' in Freeport, Maine. I'm staying at the Hilton, and right now, not entirely sure who (if anyone) will be joining me. Have to admit that the idea of three nights to myself is making me quiver.

February is awesome.

The only thing is, my scrapping stuff and my knitting stuff is STILL in wild disarray. It's getting better, as I chip away at the chaos in my craft room. But can I find my camera? No. Can I find the rest of the yarn I got for my sister's Einstein coat? Nuh-uh.

Gotta go pack.


SleepyEyes said...

You need some serious organization, girl! And I am SOOO looking forward to Spa. There'll be knittin', spinnin', chattin' AND maybe some lovin'...who knows??? (he he)

Lora said...

Missed you last night!! I am excited for Feb as well, but for a different reason! MOM AND DAD ARE COMING TO VISIT!!! I can not wait!! It will be the same weekend as SPA. So you'll miss getting to meet them.