Saturday, March 15, 2008

Ah, SPA 2008

You know how you build up the idea of something that you are really looking forward to in your head, and it gets bigger and better and more funner and you just can't wait to go and you are counting down the minutes and it just won't get here and is it time to go yet and you really want to be there?

And then you get there and it was all you expected it to be and more?
That was NETA Spa this year, in Freeport, ME.

I guess the secret to making Spa a success is your expectations. Is Spa the place for wild drunken hedonistic experiences that rock your world and empty your wallet? Well, maybe for some. Is it a time to just FREAKING RELAX and allow events to unfold, to meet new people only if you feel like it, and maybe, just maybe, to get some knitting done?
That's what I expected.
That's what I wanted.
That's what I got.
Lisa and I make this a three night trip, so we headed up to Freeport on Thursday, getting there before dinner. The Hilton could not have been more welcoming, comfortable, and perfect for this event. I wanted to stuff my bed in my luggage - but it wouldn't have fit in the elevator. And OHMYGOSH - there was a refrigerator AND a microwave in our room! How freaking brilliant is THAT?!?!

We settled in, started right in on projects - Lisa finally gave in to the idea that she could knit something else besides a Booga bag or a scarf. She actually FINISHED a hat in pretty Rowan Big Wool, burgundy. To do this, she had to use - GASP - DOUBLE POINTED NEEDLES!!!! Argh!!!
(Of course, she worked that circular until she couldn't do any more with the decreased stitches - that sucker was stretched TAUT!!!)

It snowed - more than expected - on Friday. But who cares? We didn't have to be anywhere, to drive anywhere - the hotel has a very good restaurant, and even Dominos delivers! Let it snow. Heck, we wished a real blizzard would keep us there longer!

I worked on Izzer's Einstein Coat, and Gina's socks, and read a lot. And believe it or not, I got my fat arse down to the workout room to sweat a little. Great machines. I could really go for a home gym. Especially if there were a heated pool right through the next door, like at the Hilton!

My wallet didn't take much of a hit, considering we were in Freeport, an outlet paradise. On Saturday, we hiked over to LL Bean, and other shops on Route 1.
Hung out with Heather and Mary and Gina and Chris-n'-Ericka and Julie and Patty and lots of (hundreds of) other women I didn't know. Didn't do all the activities, because that would have been too much like work. And had no intention of doing anything I didn't want to do!

Again, set reasonable expectations, meet expectations. It's that easy.

Bought some goodies at SPA from Amy at Spunky Eclectic - as soon as I retrieve them from my knitting bag in the other room, will post the details, but here they are:

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SleepyEyes said...

Hate that pic of me, but LOVE that pic of the snowy day out the window. So pretty. Glad you had such a good time at Spa ; )