Thursday, July 17, 2008

Well, We're Moving on Up!

Cyndi and Jerry have been making noises about moving to a new place for a while. After all, yarn and stuff was jammed in every available space in the Windham location. Of course, if they had taken my advice and tricked out a big YarnMobile, some of the massive overcrowding would have been reduced, but who listens to me? Anyone? Buehler?
So we listened to their planning, and heard how they were checking out sites here and there, and at least I figured they would never move - there was just too much stuff!
But then a few weeks ago, out of the blue, the announcement. They were moving the store to Derry, in a little plaza on Route 28, where the state liquor store used to be. And the fun began...

The Big Day, Phase One: Last weekend, first step was to pull all that yarn down, put it into boxes, and pack everything else - looms, notions, books, patterns, office, sales supplies, computers, furniture - JTFC!!!!!
C&J expected the packup would take a few days - we all got it done in a few HOURS. You heard me. I got there at 2:00, there were a handful of other folks there already, but the real push started at about 3:00 - and we were done by 5:30. All had been packed, one U-Haul load was already in Derry, and another truck load was ready to go.
Most everyone else headed over to Derry to keep on truckin' - but I am old. So got home around 6:15 ish, was sound asleep by 7:00. Groan.... muscles I don't even have were pissed off at me.

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Where are the pictures?????? LOL