Thursday, September 04, 2008

What I Did on My Labor Day Vacation

Mark and I went to the Poconos for a few days over Labor Day weekend. Could have stayed for a month. It's not hard to get used to someone else making the beds, cooking for you, entertaining you... and the plunge pool IN the room wasn't hard to take. Or the heart-shaped jacuzzi. Or the champagne and numnums my BFF had delivered to the room.

Worked on a voodoo doll while there - hard to knit bad vibes into anything while in such a tranquil place, though. But since the subject that the doll is modeled after is such a disagreeable wench, I managed to work up a few sparks of righteous outrage while stockinetting away. (Is that a verb? WhatEv.)

As soon as I find my camera cable, will get some pictures of what's OTN.


Lora said...

OH the pokey nose!! Sounds like you had a grand time!

ErickaJo said...

Forget OTN, I want pictures of what's ITR (In the Room)

SleepyEyes said...

OMG...I love, love the picture of the two of you together!!! Can I have a copy?

And, you know...I didn't read a lot about your "summer lovin'", which was clearly stated on your opening photo. What gives?

Come on!