Friday, February 27, 2009

SPA 2009 - So Good, So Far

I have to keep telling myself I deserve this. Because it's getting better to be me every minute. The beds here at the Hilton are the most comfortable I have ever slept in - and I have trouble sleeping so it's definitely an issue.

Got up early, and took myself out for breakfast. The hotel does an OK brekkie, but it is, after all, hotel food, and I prefer to give my money to someone other than Paris Hilton once in a while. And girlfriends, if you haven't found Sticky Buns yet, FIND IT. It's right on School Street, a block away. They have awesome breakfasts and lunch, and pastries to die for - including of course, sticky buns.

I sat there forever - no work to get to, no laundry to fold, no nothing to do - drank my cappucino (may never sleep again - that stuff has a STICK in it) and read some brain candy (Swan Song, by Robert McCammon). The eggs bennie was faboo, and they use sweet potatoes in their homefries - a nice touch. And, got a few nummies to take back to the room. Breakfast is all set for tomorrow.

And for the next hour or so, went to my favorite little shops in a loop back to the hotel. Crabtree and Evelyn was having an awesome sale, so I am set for shower gels for a while. Stopped and the British goods store and got some soaps, digestives, some oatmeal for Mark to try, preserves, and other little snackies. And finished the excursion at the wine and cheese store - some amazing Brie and some cracked pepper coated salami are in the fridge now, waiting for snack time!
The weather is gorgeous - warm, for winter in Maine. All the shops have their doors thrown open to get some fresh air, and everything is melting. Great day to get the shopping yayas out of my system!

Back in the room now, checking email and blogging, but downstairs soon to hang out with the fiber babes. Bunny slippers, here I come!

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SleepyEyes said...

Oh, man. Sticky buns??!! I'm so jealous. That plate of deliciousness that you showed was just NOT FAIR. (wahh!) Did you bring some back to share with me???