Sunday, September 25, 2005

Sorry - it's been awhile...

Was just thinking that since I have so little real time to knit, or scrap for that matter, that building a blog that would be interesting for anyone but me is probably out of the question right now.
But what I can do is brainstorm here what it would take to build a business like Scrap n' Knit - develop a business plan, right here. With your input.

So if you are lurking and you come across this post, think about this - if you could go somewhere relatively close to your house, to work on your hobbies in the company of others, what would entice you to walk in the door? Would you want to see products for sale? What kinds of space would you use or even want to rent?

I think about / daydream about putting together a place in which folks could bring their work, store it temporarily or rent long-term spaces, eat nummy food, drink fantastic coffee, watch chick flicks - an estrogen haven. What would appeal to you at a place like this?

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