Monday, September 04, 2006

Booga-Mania 2006

Hey - I just realized we are in a month that ends with an R. You know what that means? It means that Christmas is coming. You know what that means? It means I promise myself that I will try to make as many awesome gifts as possible for the people in my life - and then fail to achieve anything close to that. Two years ago I promised my self I would knit cute little wrist warmers for all the folks I supervised at work - because it can get mighty cold in the winter in our office. They are still waiting. If I wait long enough, maybe turnover will take care of the issue. Sigh.

I promised last year to make Booga Bags. I mean, how easy can it get? Hell, I can knit in the round in traffic, and make i-cord in my sleep. So how many did I make? One - and didn't even felt it. It's the multi-colored one above, in Kureyon Karaoke .

So today was a mizzable rainy day, and time to make my empty, futile promises. But due to the weather and my husband's rare lack of interest in annoying the shit out of me all day (he even took a nap), I even got some work done. I finished one Booga, minus the i-cord, and started a second.

This one is ready to felt. The bottom is a bulky cranberry - the remains of the yarn I used to make the scarf for my husband that is displayed in a previous blog. The white and green are Cascade 220. I'm hoping the thicker cranberry will make a sturdy base for the bag.

The thing I like most about the Booga Bag idea is that after you make one, you really don't even need the pattern. You can improvise to make smaller, or larger bags, and try different strandings and patterns as you knit in the round - which goes anywhere. It's brainless, and so unless I am chewing gum, I have a fighting chance of not screwing it up. No real need to check gauge, no real need to even measure. I figger what ever size comes out of the washing machine will be just fine.

This is the beginning of bag number two. I crocheted (I hear GASPs from the knitting snobs, but bear with me...) the bottom to have a round base - the rectangles are getting boring. This is Lopi evergreen, which I picked up in a quickie visit to Patternworks yesterday with my sister-in-law, the lovely Anita.

She had never been there - it was fun to see her have a little yarn-stiffy as she wandered around the store. But she didn't buy anything. How sick is that? I had to raid the sales bins, and still in a Booga frame of mind, had to pick up some Lopi. Yes, I have Karaoke at home. And butt loads of Cascade. So what.

Anyway, this bag is now in its knit phase.

I am alternating with Lopi gray green, first in a stripe, and now have moved on to a 5 stitch checker pattern. Somehow I managed to come out exactly even on the repeats, without even counting the stitches first. That will NEVER happen again. I don't deserve such serendipity twice.

So, back to Booga. Next posting will be all about the Cheetos sweater from hell.


YogaGardenGirl said...

Bags are coming out super awesome...I love's too bad you have to knit TWICE as more, you know? Can't wait to see the finished ones. By the way, I have been checking your blog daily, but have had no time to comment...sorry! Bring those Boogas to next Wed to show off....OR ELSE! (k?)

yarnophiliac said...

love, Heather