Sunday, September 24, 2006

Cut Off at the Knees!!!

No, I don't need a handicapped plate - although they do come in handy at Christmas. I can't find my freakin digital camera! It's here somewhere. I think Abby took it so I wouldn't keep taking pics of her and Pud. So here are some older ones anyway.

So I have a few projects on the needle, including two Jaywalkers - one using Opal Petticoat, and the other using Gina's watermelon sock yarn. Both are coming along - I just started the heel flap on the Opal sock last night. Or maybe it was this morning - haven't been sleeping so well. But I can't PROVE it cuz the frigging camera is no where to be found.

Also still working on my aunt's birthday album. Will probably finish it up at Melissa's Creative Memories OctoberFest next month to be able to give it to Joyce. But can I show you that? Noooooo!

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YogaGardenGirl said...

Love the pics of the cats!!! Very impressed on the Jaywalker projects..cannot WAIT to see how the socks are coming out using my Watermelon sock yarn!!! Looking forward to the Croptoberfest, too : )