Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Grand View. Whew. Still Recuperating.

Wow. What a weekend. From Friday night to Sunday noon, 12 absolutely insane women knit, drink, munch, gab, sing, crack jokes, and occasionally sleep. Where? The Grand View Country Store in Randolph, NH is a yarn store for yarn stash-aholics.

Everywhere you turn, there is yarn. It's enough to convert anyone from a "I'm just coming with you to scrap" type chick into a "OK, this scarf is almost done, what do I do for a second project?" chick.

Case in point.

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daSilvabullet said...

isn't she lovely! and fast!!! so nice that you got her addicted, we can knit together when i return! and man, I cant wait to go to one of your crazy ass knit-a-thons!!! oh, i heard all about that one, i want in!
have fun at my house tomorrow! (lucky!!!)