Sunday, January 21, 2007

Is it SPA, yet?

Soooo looking forward to going to Portland in a few weeks for SPA weekend. Lisa and I are heading up Thursday night, and not heading home until Sunday. And as luck would have it, Monday is Presidents' Day, so I won't have to sleep on my keyboard at work.

Lisa is working on a really pretty scarf with some difficult (slubby, loose spun) yarn. She is going to work on her first Booga bag next, and as luck would have it, I had picked up four skeins of Noro Kuryeon for her as a surprise. And even more lucky - I picked a colorway she had already looked at and decided that was what she wanted. It's like I can read her smucking mind, ya know?

Lisa and Cris came over today for pre-game munchies and to just hang out awhile. Keith and JP also came over to watch the game - they are in the linving room now with Mark hollering at the TV. I made a killer pulled pork for some fantastic sammies, and tater salad, sausage peppers n' onions, cole slaw, chicken wangs - everyone was walking around with a Buddha-belly before they left. That's my goal - if anyone leaves my house hungry it's cuz their stupid. But for some reason, everyone feels compelled to call me the next day to complain about how their own digestive systems processed my food. It's not MY fault they can't handle onions and garlic and BBQ sauce. Didn't make my truly faht-worthy baked beans this year though, so might have peace and quiet - we'll see.

Working on a willie warmer for one of Cris and Lisa's friends- keeping track of the pattern as I go. So far:

On size one double pointeds (I am using really nice Brittany (birch) shorter needles), cast on 60 stitches, divided across four of the needles. K3 P3 Ribbing for the desired length (yes, ribbed for her pleasure.... shhhhhhhh). Haven't reached the point where I need to do anything tricky - will figure out that part when I hit it. Thought that I might even create some sort of sac with a draw string for the berries in the twigs and berries partnership. I am using this sorta flesh color yarn, with a hint of a mauvy-purple to it.

Question - how long do I make it? And how do I answer that question? The recipient is Brazilian, so I am assuming I will use most or all of this skein!!! HEEHEEHEEHEE...

That's it for now.


YogaGardenGirl said...

I'm also DYING to go to SPA...can't wait!

As for the willie looks great, but I'm thinking...either this guy's willie is as big as my arm (which, being Brazillian, could be entirely possible) or I'm just not seeing the picture from the right angle. Can't wait to try out the pattern when you're done!

Miss seeing and talking with you, Laurin. I really do.

Anonymous said...

Hee hee! What a hoot! Don't forget a string around the hips to hold it on! LOL Karen Murphy