Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Adopt a Soldier

I recently found an organization called Soldiers' Angels, which matches people stateside with military men and women all over the world. You "adopt" a soldier, and send messages and care packages to them so that they can feel some tie to home.

I adopted Olivia - I don't know much about her yet, and may never receive a response from her (after all, they have way more important things to do), but its kinda cool to think that maybe the goodies I am sending her brighten her days once in a while.

There's even another website (several, actually) on which you can order care packages to be delivered for you. They worry about the shipping, and customs, and security - all that stuff. How easy is that? I'm thinking Olivia could use some Easter nummies!

So thinking that you could do more? Check out this site. Adopt someone who could really appreciate hearing their name called at mail call!

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