Friday, March 30, 2007

So whatever happened to...

OK, I'll admit it. When something I am knitting goes horribly awry, one of a few things happens to it:

  1. I frog it completely, usually in front of Gina so I can have the evil pleasure of watching her face split in half. It's a thing. (It's a funny thing, despite the fact that I am deliberately wasting hours of work. This happened more when I was starting to knit, since I could never repair booboos without making them worse. So - RIBIT.)

    In this group:

    the Mary Jane cachet (never even got close to starting the frigging sweater yet!)
    the first four attempts at a Jaywalker sock (more on that damned thing in a bit)
    several assorted first / second / third / nth attempts at projects that have since reached the light of day in their complete state

  2. I put it aside to fester, mold, dissolve, or otherwise entertain itself until I work up the spit to go back to it and fix it.

    In this group:

    the Cheetos Bolero shrug, which gave me almost a year of agida until it was completed for Merry Thankmas (huh? didn't read that blog? go look for it. funny.)
    TWO attempts at a Jaywalker sock - one with some Opal sock yarn, and another with Gina's awesome watermelon yarn. Doesn't matter how awesome the yarn is though. I still screwed up, and it will take an act of great will to pick these up again.

  3. I finish it anyway, but it never sees the light of day. It goes in a drawer, never to be spoken of again.

    In this group, and only discussed for the need of an example, is the mildly infamous Willie Warmer.

    I finished it, but the head?tip? can I call it anything without being obscene? just doesn't look right. I know why - I increased a bit at the top of the ribbed column, then started to gradually decrease. I was going for an (ahem) mushroom-like shape.

    The decreases and increases were all in the same places though - so the end result is that the head looks like a four pointed starfruit. And any willie that would fit that is one I want nothing to do with.

    So, haven't frogged it. I accepted the result humbly as a learning event. But soon, will start searching for a way to get the shape I am looking for. If anyone has ideas or can link me to a pattern, I would be eternally grateful.

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