Sunday, April 01, 2007

ManchVegas goes InterState!

Last Saturday, a large contingent of the ManchVegas Knitting group crossed over the line - we headed to York, ME to join the new owners of the Yarn Sellar for a day of knitting. If the world wasn't a really funny place, I wouldn't be able to say "We" here. I had absolutely no intention of meeting the girls anywhere - never mind Maine. But like I say, the world is a funny place.

Pretty much the first words out of my DH's mouth really pissed me off that morning. You know how it is. Sometimes it isn't their fault, sometimes it is, but that doesn't matter. He cheesed me off and then went out to do a few errands. I decided, in my abundant maturity, that I wasn't going to be home when he got back, so I hit the road.

It was already turning into a great day - the weather was fantastic, I had a full tank of gas, I just got paid - know what I mean? When anything feels possible?

So I took my butt out to breakfast at one of my favorite places - Betty's Kitchen on Route 1 in Hampton. Yum - O. If you leave this place hungry, it's because you are stupid. Plain and simple. Had the crepes with ham, asparagus and Hollandaise, some great coffee, and juice. Sat in a little corner at a tiny table, watched people (a favorite hobby), and knit.

Then had to do a little shopping, so went to WalMart in Portsmouth - see, moving north, stars falling into alignment - and in the lot on the way out, called my lovely sister in law, Anita. Told her I was annoyed with her brother in law, and asked if she wanted to come out and do girly things. We agreed to meet at Stonewall Kitchen for lunch.

See? York? It's kismet!

We spent way too much money at Stonewall and had a really nice light lunch in their cafe, and as we were leaving, she said the magic words.

"Hey - there's a new yarn store opened just up in the next plaza - want to check it out?"

"Uh, OK," I replied - like she had to twist my arm.

And there it was - the Yarn Sellar.

The place is gorgeous. Full of all the luxury yarns and tools you could need. But it was made Nirvana by the long wooden tables down the center of the store, and by the people sitting there.
My peeps! Gina was actually standing with her back to me near the door, so I snuck up and planted a wet one on her cheek. Can't help it. She's kissable.

This really was a coincidence. I knew the girls were traveling, but I knew I wasn't joining them, so I didn't pay attention to the emails full of plans about the trip. I thought they were heading further north, like to Halcyon or somewhere up there.

And even as we were walking into the store, I was telling Anita that this would be a nice day trip for the group. DUH.

Turns out some reporters had just left, after interviewing the new owners and our group, as well as a Chicks with Sticks group that meets there too.

Here's the article link.

I also missed lunch with them, but joined them to knit until about 5:30, then headed home. My DH sulked a bit, but cheered up when he saw the stuff I got for him. Boys. Chocolate covered Peeps will do it every time. Anita didn't hang around long, but I am hoping to be able to convince her to join me there soon for an afternoon of knitting.

Plus, like he always says, "Forgiveness is easier to get than permission."

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YogaGardenGirl said...

Loved the great that you popped in at just the right was meant to be. Wasn't it a fabulous day????

I can't keep up with all the's either all or none with you, isn't it????? LOL!