Saturday, August 18, 2007

The Next Day at the daSilva Spa and Resort

The story starts the night before. After all the ManchVegas chicks (and Chris) left, Mark thought the pool has lost some water, and decided to bring the level up. So, he put a hose in the pool, came in, and made his first mistake.

Rule #1: Don't ask your tired wife to remind you to shut off the water, and then expect she will stay awake longer than you do.

I fell asleep sitting up in the living room by 8:30 - and he went to bed. No, I did not remind him. Can you see where this is going? Hmmm?

He got up to pee about 3:00, and he was confused to hear what sounded like rain outside - but it wasn't raining. Except pool water through the skimmer opening, of course. Eroding the stone fill around the base of the pool. So he went out in the dark with a flashlight, probably blaming me - still comfortably snoring in my chair - to shut off the water.

Rule #2: If you are going to backflush the pool to drain off some water, make sure you rehouse the pump valve back to normal when you are done.

He didn't. When he checked the pool the next morning, it had continued to drain off water until the level was below the skimmer. Bad.

The hose went back in. Ice cold water from the well. So now he is convinced that we are never going to be able to swim in the pool again - we might as well drag out the ice skates. And man was he UGLY about it.

So here is where the daSilva Spa and Resort came in. I was telling Lisa this story and she invited me over. Done deal. She has a pool. And a spare bedroom. What's not to love?

Went over for a day of relaxing drinkies, knitting, swimming. Lisa runs a three star establishment complete with crazy puppies and an even nuttier husband. He thought Mark's pool mishaps were so funny that he called him and said "at least MY woman doesn't have to go to another man's pool to go swimming.." This would have really cheesed my husband's shorts except that Chris is Brazilian, and was so excited about his little joke that his accent got in the way and Mark didn't understand a word. I had to translate for him the next day.

Lisa and I thought it was hysterical, though!


SleepyEyes said...

Oh, look at that table...yarn AND drinkies...nice!

Sonya said...

Very clever joke!