Saturday, August 18, 2007

Poolin', Knittin', Drinkin' and Foldin' - OH YEAH

August 4th - OK, so only a few weeks behind here. Invited the Manch-Vegas gang to my house for a very long day - at least for some of us. From about 9:30 to noon, whoever showed up put their heads down to the task of folding as many origami cranes as we possibly could, to decorate Gina's house for Ericka's shower. She loves bright red, so most of the cranes were red, but we also used white, gold, and a few very pretty printed papers.

I have to admit this is not a strength - I find it really hard to follow origami instructions. So I devoted myself to the first few folds - the others grabbed my starters and finished them up. Luckily Gina's husband Ian was there - he was a whiz at it. He helped the others get going, then took Ben out to the pool so we could get to work. Sarah, Heather, Caroline, Marion, Gina, Lora, Melissa - they all kicked butt cranking out the cranes.

Then, at about 1:00ish, we broke out the drinkies, started getting lunch out, and drifted to the pool. The whole day was a blast - perfect weather, perfectly crazy and funny guests. And perfect frozen margaritas. What else could you possibly ask for? Except for my frog back, maybe. But he is in a good place. His wife misses him, though. Maybe she will meet a nice newt and forget all about him.
Ericka and Chris finally dragged their asses over about 3:00 - I remember the good old days when I could lounge around in bed till noon with no one to nag me about it - days long gone when married to a morning person. (Should have run when I had a chance.) They brought chicken wings that would grow hair on a rock. The minute they lifted the lid on those suckers, it went right to my throat - like gargling on hot, vinegary razors. But damn were they good!


SleepyEyes said...

Such great pictures...wish I could've stayed later! I missed everything!

Sonya said...

Boy that was fun! Swimming, drinking, folding but no all at the same time I hope :)