Sunday, September 02, 2007

On This Day, Seven Years Ago...

Made it - our 7th anniversary. Both Heather and Lora also celebrated anniversaries recently, and posted some wedding pics to celebrate, so who am I to break with tradition, huh? Are you ready?

Date: September 2, 2000
Location: Back Yard, Kingston, NH
Guests: Oh yeah, 200+ of them.
Caterer: Muddy River Smokehouse

We wanted a very informal wedding, just a few of our bestest friends, so we rented a tent and a dance floor, brought in Muddy River, and planned a day full of music, good food, and a very brief ceremony. Really - it was ten minutes tops.

Bridesmaids were my two sisters Lisa (matron of honor) and Kristin, my best friend-might-as-well-be-sister Lisa, and her bodacious daughter Jesse, who in a few more years would become a slamming roller derby goddess - more about her in another posting.

Mark asked his buddies Paul and Terry and his brothers Chet and Keith to stand up for him. He has already done the penguin tuxedo thing for his first wedding, so we had the guys buy new gray suites, and the girls all found dress / sweater sets in a catalog that were the perfect color. Done. Simple. Comfortable.

But not as comfie as bare feet!! It had rained until just about a half hour before the ceremony - people were walking into the backyard under umbrellas. It was clearing a bit, and we could mop up the dancefloor, but I didn't want to risk slipping in my dress shoes, so it was a perfect excuse to ditch them. It was worth the look on my mother's face when she realized I was going to go barefoot. And the guests seemed to be amused as well. After the ceremony, all the girls ditched their sandals too. Had to get a piggies picture.

And, the blissful couple. Awwwwwww.

Honeymoon: Paradise Stream, Caesars Pocono Resorts. Plunge pool in our room, jacuzzi, fireplace, perfection.


Sonya said...

Looks like it was lots of fun. Not stuffy at all. I am all for going barefoot

Gigi said...

Happy Anniversary! Sounds like the wedding was a heck of a time. =-D

SleepyEyes said...

Oh, Happy, Happy Anniversary!!! 7 years? That's nothin'! You're still newlyweds! (he he)

(Will you ever forgive Ian and I for not being able to make it that day? I was so disappointed that I couldn't come. I wish I'd been there.)

LMardenNH said...

Dorkas M: Of COURSE I have forgiven you, it's been seven years! Nothing to forgive anyway - I am so NOT the center of the universe! But it was such a good time. What I remember of it, anyway. Does anyone really remember everything about their wedding day?

yarnophiliac said...

Wedding day? I remember very little, except being really pissed at the dorks I chose to DJ! Congrats, sweetie!

snoopyfreak said...

congratulations on letting him live so long, breathing your air, hogging your blankets, generally being underfoot during any and all activities.

lots o love, and many more years of bliss!

your favorite izzer in the whole wide world...

Lora said...

Happy Anniversary!!!!!