Monday, October 29, 2007

A Faire Sunday in the Kingdom

Mark dragged my less than thrilled butt to a Renaissance Faire in Kingston, NH on Sunday. (He softened me up by taking us to Lamie's Tavern up in Hampton first for their incredible Sunday brunch. THAT's a do-over. The selection was giganimuss and everything was yummy.)

But yes, the Faire. About a dozen vendors selling ersatsz medieval garb, weapons, instruments, jewelry, incense. And of course, the smoked turkey legs, chili in a bread bowl, and cheese fries that had their roots in medieval cookery.

But it was a beautiful day, despite the maids and merry men making much of their most merry merriment. Pumpkin throwing contests. Belly dancers (had to wipe the drool off Mark's chin).

A few high points - I did find a weaver and a spinner! The spinner has a business - she turns dog hair into yarn. I think someone in the ManchVegas group was looking for someone who did that, so SCORE. And the loom lady was very nice.

Also had yummy chocolate ice cream in a handmade sugar cone. It was still warm off the griddle.

But don't make me go back again - please? It was a little too much like a Star Trek convention for me. Not that I am knocking Star Trek. But there is very little I would immerse myself in as deep as these folks do.


Melissa said...

the singing folk pictured in your blog are friends of mine. I was originally supposed to be in that group, but bowed out last year when I found out that a) I have zero interest in the while Renn thing b) there are some really creepy people who make it their freakin' life and c) those clothes be 'spensive to buy!!

SleepyEyes said...

Sounds like you had a great time! Cool pics!

Caroline said...

I've thought of going a couple times but the admission always puts me off. I'm guessing that you got the spinner's name.....I'll get it from you at Grand View, thanks.