Monday, November 05, 2007

What About Bob????

UPDATE: I CAN'T FIND MY CAMERA UPLOAD CABLE!!! Or I would post some truly hysterical pictures. As soon as the cable floats to the surface, I'll add pictures. Sorry!!

The trip started out so well. Lisa and Jess arrived at my office right on time, we picked up Ericka in Manchester without getting lost even once, and set out on a beautifully sunny Friday afternoon, before rush hour. We arrived at the Grandview first, and saw right away that the weekend would not be drama free.

Thanks to Bob.

Who is Bob, you say? I dunno. But he made his presence known, even though we never saw his face. His name was on one of the rooms we expected to populate with ManchVegasKnitters this weekend. And as a result, two other rooms, which are small even for two people, had three names on them instead of two. Uh-oh.

Lisa, Ericka, Jess and I popped out to get drinkies and munchies and dinner, and came back, only a few more had arrived, but soon after we settled in, the rest of the gang showed up. They were not happy to see the unexpected triple occupancy. Who would be - they paid for a bed, and two people would have to use a cot instead. But, despite this problem and the basic inattention to amenities** that just became too much this time, we did indeed manage to have a lot of laughs and get a lot of knitting done. Much trash was talked, much jello was shot, much likker was drunk, and we all survived.

But we are looking for a new place for next time.

**What amenities? Let's see:

  • Little to no hot water or even water pressure for showers
  • Beds that creaked, and beds that collapsed, and beds that were cots
  • Breakfast that really wasn't filling, or took any effort. Would you pay for two slices of wheat toast done up as french toast and call that breakfast?
  • Toilets that broke, or took forever to refill, or to flush. yeah, that was fun.
  • DUST everywhere. Everyone was honking into Kleenex, sneezing and wheezing all weekend. And the snoring - wow.


Lora said...

I tell ya..what a weekend! And did Sonya and I mention that there were MEN'S clothes in our closet as you walked in?? Creepy!
But being with my friends helped me get through!! I enjoyed my time with everyone there.

yarnophiliac said...

Agreed. What a weekend -- thank god we were all together for it (I esp. appreciated the support in my Paypal hacking drama). Ug. Onward and upward!

Sonya said...

It kinda felt like visiting your gramma's basement. Stuff was everywhere, no running, playing or having a good time. It was a little more pricey than I had expected.

Sarah said...

With all of the things that did go wrong, there was a lot of fun had. Any other group probably would have had an emotional break down and not supported each other, but not ManchVegas.

SleepyEyes said...

Well,it was some weekend. At least we had our time there and can look back at the last three times as something great and fun. This know.

Actually looking forward to SPA and our brand new ManchVegas retreat for next year. It HAS to be better than this year!

My fav part was when Blogless Amanda was going around in my hat, her undies and big black boots. Priceless!