Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Found it!

Finally found my camera cable. I won't tell you where it was because you would be setting up home care for me. Let's say it was the last place I looked and leave it at that!

Anyway, first thing. Pics from Grandview.

Pantsless Amanda, formerly blogless Amanda. Black bar-d to protect the "innocent."

You know how sometime people just fit together like peas and carrots? Both Sonya and SarahD just blended right in like they were there all the time!

Sonya came all the way from Kentucky (or was it Indiana - never got that completely straight) to join us in the mountains. Her laugh is inFECTious, y'all. It's really more like a guffaw. And it is nice to know that there is another member of the GOTTAPEERIGHTNOW club in the knitting group. I felt so alone until I met Sonya....!!

Lora found this hat on a display and had to try it on, it was so fugly. And she soon realized that it was so tight on her head that she had a dent in her forehead for another half hour!

Lisa and Jess braved my snoring for two nights. Somehow Jess managed to crank out 1.5 hats over the weekend. She is incredible.


SleepyEyes said...

Okay....those are seriously crazy pictures! I am SO glad that I had my pants on!

Sonya said...

I had a really great time.
I am a hoosier.

Lora said...

Oh to be young and run around in your skivies... *sigh*
What a fun weekend!