Saturday, February 09, 2008

Cake or Death....Lego-Style

Eddie Izzard slays me. Have a few hours to waste? Check him out on YouTube. Come back, after you waste much time over there.

Warning: do not drink anything while you listen. You will snort liquid out of your nose. I promise.


carole said...


no comment about your blogpost but I don't remember where I found the code for bars. i searched and searched until I found something that would work because I had accidentally deleted what I had used b4

Here's a code by Matthew Harvey I used

OR for bars with % writtin in the bar:

and these pages have a code with little gifs:


Caroline said...

Well, I just spent about 1/2 hour listening to Eddie Izzard. He's a riot! Thanks for bringing him to my notice.

Anonymous said...

I love Eddie Izzard. My husband and I have been watching a marathon of him thanks to Blockbuster.

Kirsty said...

Thanks for commenting on my Wonder Woman jumper! Yay!