Saturday, February 09, 2008

My New Toy!!

The Crop-o-Dile II! (I'm thinking of calling it Audrey II, but that's too obvious...)
Although not often enough, I do scrapbook, and make cards. So when this was sold on HSN a few weekends ago, I decided to take the leap into eyelets, grommets and snaps (oh my!).
It's addictive to use. And it now sits on the table, instead of holding it like a hole punch (and like the previous Crop-o-Dile). You can get right into the middle of a 12" page, too. Lisa and I used it at Melissa's crop last weekend, and loved it. There was none of that incredibly annoying banging to set eyelets (which is why I never used them till now). Now, everything that sits still long enough is going to get Crop-o-Dile'd!!!!


Caroline said...

My card-making skills have been languishing but, MAN, that tool looks like fun! I was just getting into the eyelets, too.

SleepyEyes said...

That really is SO cool! Will you be making us all pattern books and such now?