Sunday, August 10, 2008

Chiquititas and Cosmos and Streep - Oh, My!!!

If you know me, you are probably going to be a little surprised to hear that I went to see Mamma Mia!, and that I liked it. A LOT.

First, I don't do movie theatres. Why bother trying to shoehorn my fat arse into a sticky movie seat when I have a 55" TV at home. I could watch movies from my front lawn. So I buy the DVDs or wait till they come on cable.

B, I fall asleep sitting up in the dark. And then I snore sitting up in the dark. Alone, no big. In a crowd, that's a lot of living down to do.

and third, on the surface, I am not a really girlie type girl. Mamma is a really fluffy movie.

But peel back the layers (like a cake or a parfait, not an onion, TYVM), and I am a sucker for good musicals. I can watch Hairspray, Dreamgirls, Little Shop of Horrors, Hair, and more anytime they hit HBO.

Went to see MM at Chunky's in Nashua, so the seats are these comfy Lincoln Continental seats that are arranged around tables. Cuz you eat dinner while the movie is on. And order drink specials - I had a yummy Cosmo, so that doesn't hurt my overall rating of the evening.

But the best part - went to see the movie with ManchVegas Knitters. And brought knitting.

And sat next to Lushus Lisha - who swears she behaved like a perfect lady for the entire evening. I won't publicly dissent with this opinion!!!

For the first 20 minutes or so, I was worried - the movie was more than a little over the top.
But it grew on me, and the rest of the audience (doesn't hurt that Wednesdays are Ladies' Night, with 2$ off tickets...the place was 98.5% women) - by the end, we were singing along.

I was so impressed by the great Streep. She looked like she had a blast making this movie. Some of the actors could have used some singing lessons, sure, but it wasn't that bad.

The scenery was gorgeous. If flying didn't suck I would consider a trip to Greece. Hmmm - maybe a cruise....

If you like ABBA, go.
If you don't like ABBA, get over it and go anyway.
And if you like Pierce Brosnan, bring a bib. He was LICKABLE in this movie, even if he is showing his age a bit.


Caroline said...

It was a good time, I was just waiting for someone in the audience to get up and dance. Pierce was nice but Colin Firth does it for me!

Jackie said...

I so wish I went.

Sonya said...

That sounds like a very cool theater. I wish we had one around here.

SleepyEyes said...

Oh, it was a fantastic time! I think we should do the movie-knit night again soon. I agree...Meryl Streep was awesome! And, man, I don't think I can think of Pierce as James Bond ever again....LOL!

movie buff said...

this is one of the few plays i've actually seen, which ended up being great... it's funny to think of ol' Pierce taking a stab at singing, yeeesh

Lora said...

ARGH I hate that I had to miss that night.... would have been so fun.