Sunday, January 25, 2009

It's Almost Done, I Promise!

Dear Cris,

You know that scarf I promised you for Christmas, and how I teased you with a two-foot-long piece of it? I know you are getting on in years, so the sense of urgency is not lost on me. This scarf has come with me
  • to work
  • to knitting group
  • to wait for Chinese food takeout
  • in traffic
  • to Christmas dinner with the in-laws (which is why it might smell a little like prime rib - not a bad thing...)

and it is almost done. I am well into the last of four skeins (of Noro Silk Garden, for the knittahs reading this). It has been satisfying to watch the colors change from one to the next, and to see this scarf get longer and longer. But yeah, it's been long enough.

It's almost yours - I promise!


SleepyEyes said...

This is looking sooo good! AND, I must say that the colors are nice - and feels like yum.

Anonymous said...

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