Sunday, January 25, 2009

So Many Net Things to Do, So Little Time

Is anyone else feeling overwhelmed by all the ways we can communicate on the web? How do we stay current? Which ways are becoming obsolete, and are there better ways to do it?

If I add up all the things I do here on the web, it's a wonder I still have time to go to work:

Ravelry: my ID there is lmardennh (go figure)
Facebook AND MySpace
my website at (which is hopelessly out of date and in so much need of a facelift)
this blog
the NETA blog at
AND, if that weren't enough, a secret website I am building, about a long-held passion of mine, that will be announced soon - maybe.

Oy vay!

1 comment:

SleepyEyes said...

I COMPLETELY agree with you, L! I try to find a few minutes a day to check Ravelry, my favorite blogs, Facebook and email....but, really, I could use another 10 hours or more for surfing...which is crazy!