Sunday, August 23, 2009

It's a (Re)Start

Last year at Revival, my first attempt to spindle spin failed miserably. Couldn't do it, and I hate to fail. Having Donna nearby spinning like a veteran after just starting out too didn't do my fragile ego any favors either. So my spindle and stuff to spin just sat in a tub, alone and lonely. Bought more top, of course - Sereknity's colors are just too freaking enticing. But there it ended.

This year at Revival, took a class from Barbara Clorite-Ventura. It wasn't called Spinning for Totally Uncoordinated Boobs, but it may as well have been, at least in my case. But, got out of class with a handmade spindle and a little clot of spun and plied mess. It had the right to be a mess - three different kinds of wool went into it, as we tried them out during class. Pencil roving was easy, rolag not much harder, then some top.

So en-bravened (not a word, but should be), emboldened and empowered, I attacked a bat of Monkey Farts, purchased from Spunky Eclectic with a beautiful spindle a few SPAs ago.

Filled that sucker. Now, I am trying to ply it. That isn't going well - I have to figure out how not to fight with a snangled tarl of twisty full-of-spinny-energy single ply. I will whip it into submission.

Plans are to whip up a Monkey Farts hat for the DH - trust me, it is maddeningly appropriate.

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