Friday, December 31, 2010

A Year in Review, in a Page or Less

Wow. It has been almost a year since I last updated this blog. I think it's mostly because I can blurt out my thoughts in 140 characters or less, or perhaps a bit more, in Facebook and Twitter - and be done with it. But today, as the last day of 2010, seems to be a good time to look and forward. Just a little bit of sentimentality will pervade, I promise - and it's only the Bailey's Caramel talking.

Looking Back at 2010

It was a scary, sad year for so many, but in the end, since this is my blog, I can only look at it through my eyes and recognize that I have been so lucky. Still have a job, a home, two great kitties and a husband. Making decent $$, enough to give to others when needed. And it feels so good to be needed, doesn't it?

It's hard to see the struggles of so many others - strangers and friends alike - and not be able to do more. And since I am not of the religious sort, I can't even offer to send a prayer their way. Is trying to make them laugh a decent substitute? Hopefully. I'll always play the clown when called upon. And in small ways, I hope I helped to make life a little more pleasant for at least a few folks this year.

Lost a few people - my dad and my mother-in-law died within days of each other. They had both been dealing with health issues for a long time, and it was simply time for them to go. To be brutally honest with myself, I can't say I miss my dad - and I am more sad about that fact than the fact that he is gone. I wonder if he has been given the opportunity, wherever he is, to look back at his life and realize how much he just pissed away with all that beer. He left three very scarred children who are old enough to move on already and get over it, but I don't really think we have, yet. Maybe now that he is gone physically as well as emotionally....

A good friend has been struggling with a serious illness this year as well, and it hurts my heart to think of it. She's fighting so hard, and her family has been so strong too - she can't help but beat it. But I'm thinking there are still lots of lonely hours in hospital beds and anxious waitings for test results to get thru until she sees the end of it.

Had my own medical issues, but without going into vivid detail, my "lady bits" are behaving quite well now, and my knee is back to about 85% - I am satisfied with that!  Have had to admit that if I didn't have the problems with the knee, I would have never begun to get back to the gym and try to get rid of the excess tonnage. My doctor put me on meds for HBP and for diabetes, both of which I intend to stop by the end of 2011. Watch me melt away, nag me if I don't. Seriously.

Work has been challenging but rewarding - most of what I do is behind the scenes but I think it's appreciated. Sometimes...

Louie is thriving - what a pain in the arse he can be, but most of the time he cures what ails me. The little brat is the most lovable cat I have ever had - and since that includes Abby, that's saying something.

So what's ahead in 2011? Dunno. I can predict a lot of gym sweat, a lot of protein shakes, and hopefully, a mini-reunion with some of my college peeps in DC this October. SPA 2011 is coming up in February, of course - looking forward to several days with the fibah lovahs in Freeport, ME. Will have much to report then.

For now, peace out. Be safe tonight - if you are drinking in the New Year, don't get behind the wheel, k?


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Marion said...

Thanks for heiping me appreciate the past year through your eyes. Wonderful post.