Monday, February 06, 2006

Gotta get some Discipline!!

One of my - ahem - New Year's resolutions is to stick to my other resolutions. I am always full of good intentions, but it's the follow through I really have to work at. One of my resolutions was to become a better contributor to the knitting community. We have this great opportunity to share our talents, ambitions, patterns and dreams through blogging and websites - it would be a shame to waste it because watching TV seems less like work.

So - step one. Find my damn digital camera, or just give in and buy another one. I have a handful of finished projects to blog / brag about, but you would have to just use your imagination unless a camera surfaces.

Step two - organize, schmorganize!

Step three - even if there is nothing especially exciting, blog oh - wait - BRB.

OK, back. My DH had to make me come see something cute Abby was doing. Abby is my 3-yr old cat - a calico Manx. Ok, so yeah, she was freaking adorable, as usual, but she's one of the reasons I get nothing done. (Smell the rationalization?!?!?)

So anyway - blog more frequently. Yeah, that's it.

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