Monday, February 06, 2006

SuperBowl Sunday sale

Had an awesome day yesterday. Went to the SuperBowl Sunday sale at Ewe'll Love It in Nashua, NH. Was expecting it to be a mob, but because she did the sale over two days, it was easy as pie to get in, look around, and cash out. Beverly, the owner, sets a discount on all yarn to match the number of the SuperBowl - so this year, XL!!! (That's 40%, for the non-Roman numeral crowd...)

Last year was the first time I went, and I called that day my stash initiation day. Spent over $300. (But SAVED sooooo much!!!) This year, it was a stash enhancement mission, so spent only about half that - and SAVED soooooo much!!

Here's what I got:

  • Twister (75% Merino, 25% Superwash) by Cherry Tree Hill. One skein, 560 yards. Soft, warm, beautiful colorway full of reds, blues, purples, fuschias. Can't wait to do something with it, although what? No idea. Just grabbed it cuz it was pretty. It's hanging around my neck right now.
  • Big Kureyon (100% Wool) by Noro. Two skeins. They don't use color names, just color / lot numbers - but color number 18, lot A2 is a dark combination of rich purples, greens and blues, with a touch of fuschia in it here and there. I already made one Booga bag, so these will be for at least one more. I like the size the pattern results in, but I am going to make some pattern changes to end up with a somewhat smaller size. I am also going to crochet instead of knit the bottom, so it ends up round instead of rectangular. Also want to lay in something firm on the bottoms after they are felted. Will take pics - promise!!!
  • Some Cascade 220 for other feltie thingies - no idea what. A dark slate blue (3) and a green (2) - enough to try a felted hat for the DH (he has a very big head... wait until I blog my first effort at making him a hat.)
  • Lots of Manos del Uruguay Cotton Stria in white (2), light purple (1), fuschia (1), olive green (1) and purple (2) to add to my current stash. When I hit critical mass, an afghan will ensue.
  • And my only real indulgence - 4 balls of Karabella Boise. If you have never touched this stuff, get up, get in your car, and don't stop driving until you have found it and picked it up. It is 50% cashmere, 50% superfine merino wool. I already have one each of the olive green and the tomato red colors - I bought it on a recent yarn crawl in Lexington, MA - at Wild and Wooly. But two skeins just didn't seem enough to do anything with. Well, they aren't alone now. Two more of each color. I'm thinking there's enough to make a few dickies for the winter. With this stuff snuggling your neck, who the heck needs a man?!?!?

So we got in and out easily, and headed up to buddy Donna's house in Manchester to gloat over our finds and to knit, eat pizza, and enjoy an unusually warm day. An awesome Sunday.

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