Saturday, March 04, 2006

Knitting Retreat at the Grand View Lodge - Part One

A gaggle of gals from our knitting group, ManchVegasKnitting, had a blast last weekend (February 24-27) at the Grand View Lodge in Randolph, NH. We left after work from the Barnes and Noble in Manchester, and headed north. It was FREEZING the whole way up, but luckily not much snowing. That is, until we were just about there. I have never been that far north in the winter - the snow is an entirely different creature. It's finer, sandy almost, and much drier that the snow I am used to. We noticed that most street signs were at least partially damaged or covered by the fine stuff, and it was drifting so much across the roads that it was hard at times to see which lane I was in.

Luckily, we found the place, with only one U-turn! See, that's the difference when travelling with women - we know when to stop and ask directions - and we actually do it. We don't keep driving until we see signs for Montreal!!!

Anyway, we settled in Friday night - unpacked a bit, and came downstairs to the common room, and I immediately knew I was in for trouble. Yarn - GORGEOUS YARN - everywhere, all sorts of notions and toys and baskets and needles and books and and and and and, well, the pictures will help you get the idea!

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