Monday, August 07, 2006

The Reunion, Part II

The guys from Grand Rental Station came over to pick up the tent and the chairs and the tables and the grille today. I kinda liked having them in the yard - it felt like we could have a party at a moment's notice if we wanted. But, reality is setting in, and we go back to work tomorrow. Blah.

Here are more pics.

Three generations of beautiful blondes joined us - do I remember their names? Nope. Do I have any clue who they are related to? Nuh-uh.

Thanks to Sue for the much needed fill-in-the-blanks!

"(this is ) Jill, her daughter Amanda, and her niece (Jill's granddaughter) Brianna. Brianna is the daughter of Jill's oldest son David who was white water rafting. Jill is my mom's sister Sharon's second daughter. "

This is one of my favorite pics. This is Wayne - I remember Wayne from when I was a kid his daughter's age - and now he has two beautiful girls, Hannah (pictured here) and Abby.

This is Sue's lovely daughter Michelle - way cool, too cool to be in pictures while she is scarfing mud cake. At least that's what her expression is telling me. Wayne called my mud cake "Sugar Stew." He wasn't far from wrong. But damn is it GOOD. I think I will end this for tonight and go scare up some. Maybe with a banana - health food, doncha know.

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YogaGardenGirl said...

More great pictures....beautiful blondes...hate'm already...and want some of that Sugar Stew...yum!