Monday, August 07, 2006

The Reunion (subtitle: Pics of People You'll Never Meet)

Well, after much effort cleaning and prepping for the party, it went off without a hitch on Saturday. It's over. Phew. I think everyone had a good time - it seemed like the kids did, anyway. My cousin's son Nick never left the pool - he had fins by the time they got him into the car to go home!

So, for those billions of you who weren't lucky enough to attend, here are some pics...

The real reason for the party was my Aunt Joyce's 70th birthday. She thought it was a Brown family reunion right up until she saw members of her side of the family in the yard. Actually, except for my sister Lisa and me, everyone attending was from Joyce's family. The Maine folk weren't able to come down, the Florida folk weren't able to come up. Oh well, they missed a great time! (And there was SOOOO much food!!)

This is cousin Sue, Joyce's oldest daughter, with her daughter Amanda.

And these two babes are cousin Karen (Joyce's daughter) and Lisa, my darling sweet and oh so elegant sister. Aren't they purty?

And the sausages look GREAT, don't they? Emeril's chicken and apple snausages. Yum.

I wish this didn't come out so dark, but here are all Joyce's kids with her - the requisite family shot. Karen the carrot-thrower (only one had to be retrieved from the pool) on the left, Sue ("I'm in my bathing suit!!") hiding in back, and Jeff better-late-than-never-and-I-already-ate-before-I-got-here on the right.

More in the next posting!


YogaGardenGirl said...

Awesome! Great pics of everyone....the yard looks great too...yummy food!

Joan Kinville said...

Hi LaLa,
Love the pictures. Sure missed a great time I see.
Love the is a wedding pic I would is the three of you girls..lost it on pc..could you please send to me.
Love and Hugs,