Monday, August 07, 2006

Totally Off Topic - My New Bathroom

Just had a family reunion this past weekend - in preparation for about 40-50 people coming to my house, I managed to whine and nag enough to get my DH going on some long awaited projects. My favorite outcome was the new look in the downstairs bathroom. Here are a few pics from the BEFORE and DURING(blech):

The floor never looked clean, even after those few and far between times I actually washed it. The wallpaper was blah and BORING. The only cute thing in the whole room is Abby. At least the wallpaper was cooperative - I peeled it off fairly easily, in big sheets.

Now, the after. Are you sitting down?

The new floor looks like tile. It still has brown in it, but so much more that even if it is filthy no one will know. But I like it so much I Swiffer it like a mad woman, so that won't be likely!

The new wall color is Honey Toast. My oh-so DH calls it piss yellow, but it's HONEY TOAST. A nice, warm yellow that really brightens up the room without being too obnoxious.

And, above the toilet, instead of the blah wall paper, I hung these shelves and added the candles and bottles. Again, Mr. No-Taste thought the African art belonged in the bathroom - it was removed from the shelf before the reunion so that the children would not ask embarassing questions all day. And no, it's not going back in there - not even as a toilet paper dispenser. NO.


Gigi said...

The bathroom really turned out well! Congrats as well on a successful family reunion/surprise b-day party.

YogaGardenGirl said...

Oh, Laurin, the bathroom looks AMAZING! What a must love it. I bet you're spending most of your time in there that floor tile!